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For a consistent ROI, social media content should be about your target audience 85% of the time and only 15% of the time about you.  To be engaging and attract the right target audience, it must be fresh, original content that is unique to your page.  To convert followers to customers, you must secure their contact information quickly while establishing a stronger relationship with your prospect.

LikeThisLibrary provides you with:

  • New original content that is updated in real time to keep your audience engaged and encourage them to invite their friends and family.
  • Ready-to-launch contests to attract new fans and followers to quickly build your network with your perfect prospects.
  • Done-for-you lead capture forms to secure your target market’s information and drive them to the sale.
  • Prospect attraction and conversion tactic-driven profile designs for your cover photos, profile icons, and backgrounds. 
  • Measure your ROI quickly and easily through real-time analytics built into every page.

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