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At IO Creative Group, we rescue companies from being advertising victims and develop strategic customer life cycle marketing programs to monetize their marketing efforts.  Our firm comes alongside companies seeking to connect all of their marketing and public relations initiatives with a planned return on investment. 

If it won’t drive results, we won’t propose it.   


Awareness campaigns without a call-to-action are business-killers.  We have created revenue-generating strategies to entice your target market into action. We are focusing on monetizing our clients’ marketing through research, planning, strategy & execution.  All strategies are assigned metrics based on what your stated expectation of what a successful initiative would yield and each is measured against that expectation.  

  • Market area research and assessment
  • Product assessment and evaluation
  • Target market identification
  • Brand development
  • Strategy and marketing plan creation
  • Key target buy-in and coordination
  • Campaign tracking and evaluation


We represent a new generation of traditional and non-traditional marketing integration.  Our goal is to create a high ROI for the entire customer life cycle.  From attraction, to engagement and sales, upsell and retention, each step is optimized for outstanding results. Our team has developed multi-platform media and management automated marketing programs to move target prospects to customers and transactions to lifetime relationships.

  • Creative development
  • Media planning and placement
  • Direct marketing
  • Interactive and web marketing
  • Market research
  • Branding/re-branding & logo development


Our team develops and implements creative and strategic breakthrough public relations programs that have proven to drive target audiences to action.  We manufacture “to the point” organizational messages that drive quality leads into the marketing funnel. 

  • Strategic counsel
  • Messaging
  • PR training
  • Communication materials
  • Media relations
  • Spokesperson services


Your website is your virtual business, the window that the world uses to see your business, what you stand for, and how you go to market. Using social media correctly will give you the opportunity to turn your target audience from potential customers into new customers.  We offer web design, social media strategies and interactive marketing engagement with a sharp focus on ROI because one million fans or followers is useless if it doesn’t help you achieve your organization’s goals. 

  • Web design
  • Viral marketing
  • Social media strategy development & execution
  • Email marketing
  • Web 2.0/social media training
  • Search engine optimization


We service clients throughout the world and have two locations in York, PA and Palm Beach, FL.

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